About Katy


Katy Bendel, the ever-enthusiastic and energetic person that leads the Untour.Cool team, has traveled quite a number of destinations in the world. Her fascination and affinity to experience different cultures, which blossomed at her very young age, brought her to the travel industry, helping clients realize their dream vacations.

Katy started her corporate profession in the fast-paced high-tech world as an engineer in Computer Information Systems. After 10 years, her desire for travel continued to grow so she made the move to technical marketing to combine her passion for data technology and travel. This enabled her to travel on business and pleasure throughout China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, with occasional meetings and trips to Latin America, Australia, Europe and the United States.

After embarking on a personal trip to Central Europe, the time she spent in the beautiful countries of Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia made a significant impact on her life - both on a personal and professional level. Thus, in 2009, she quit her corporate position and started importing premium wines from these amazing regions. And to further improve her understanding in the new career she was taking, she attended wine school at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, studied with a Master of Wine and built the business from the ground up. It wasn't long until her wine customers wanted to visit the wineries in these amazing countries and experience their culture, like she did. Indeed, the perfect segue into creating memorable travel experiences for others.

After her import business sold, once a year she leads a wine, food, and sightseeing tour across Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy's Northeastern wine region. When not planning for the yearly trips, she is creating custom trips for independent traveler clients.

Katy, together with her team at Untour.cool, creates amazing adventures for clients so that they have lasting memories from every trip. Many clients tell her upon returning that it was a trip of a lifetime.

Katy would love to hear about your ideal vacation and the travel you'd like to experience. She and her team would like to help your vision come true. What makes their travel service meet expectations? Their attention to details, extensive travel experience, and the desire to help others visit wonderful places and achieve amazing vacation goals propel the company’s name to the top.