African Safari Itinerary

Who wants to go on an African Safari?!

An exclusive African Safari that includes Victoria Falls.

Early May 2020's owner, Katy Bendel Daniels, just returned from an exclusive African Safari with provider Wilderness Safaris. She has selected this company because of its 35+ years of dedicated animal conservation and community work! Wilderness Safaris employs all of their guides, pilots, and camp personnel, providing them with training and education. They support schools in remote villages where many of the kids only meal each day is provided by the school. The company also invests in protecting wildlife from poachers. Their luxury camps are on their private concessions, where wildlife roams freely.

You will experience luxury tent living, national parks teeming with wildlife where wildlife wanders through your camp, breathtaking Victoria Falls, and an exciting helicopter ride over Botswana's Okavango Delta. This isn't just any helicopter ride!

"The helicopter cockpit is all glass so you have a complete view of the animals and landscape. We saw two bull elephants fighting - a rare sight! The whole helicopter experience was amazing!" - Katy Bendel Daniels

You will visit the countries Zimbabwe and Botswana with an option to visit Cape Town in South Africa.

Contact us to be on the list for this exclusive adventure. We'll be sending out details soon.

African Safari Adventure


African Safari Adventure

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