Valle de Guadalupe

Experience Baja California’s upcoming wine region that is breaking in on the world’s cuisine and wine scene. Nestled hills about 30 minutes from the coast are French, California and upcoming Mexican winemakers, along with Michelin star chefs, putting Guadalupe Valley on the map. Journalists and connoisseurs from around the world are traveling to this region to see what all the buzz is about. To support this burgeoning region are 4 and 5 star boutique hotels who are adding to the experience with Bubble Rooms so you can gaze at the stars from your own bed at night and many other creative sleeping suites. This region is beckoning the adventurous.

We make getting there as easy as possible for you. For small groups ranging from 2 to 10 people we’ll arrange for your own private driver, winery tours & tastings, dining and if needed, hotel stay. Go for a day or make it a week, whatever your preference.

Payment Options

We accept credit cards* and checks.

*Please note credit card fees are 3.25%, this is at our cost from the credit card company; no mark up.

Classic Old Mexico Vineyard


Family and Friends Enjoying Guadalupe


Fine Culinary Foods


Exotic Bungalow Retreat

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