One of the top questions we get whenever clients come to our office seeking assistance in planning for their next vacation is how they can make the most of it. To answer that: through the years of providing travel services, we have found that custom planning gives you a very satisfying and fulfilling trip. That means, customizing your itinerary to fit your travel goals - places you love to go, things you want to do, food and drinks you desire, or even people you like to meet.

With our custom vacation planning service, we see to it that your next travel is worth your time and the money spent. We can help you achieve a vacation that is worth-remembering and offers a life-changing experience. Whether you long to visit exotic safaris, indulge in wine tasting activities, or a fast-paced visit of multiple countries, leave the planning details to us and let our team craft the most ideal vacation plan that helps realize your goal.

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River cruising: Offers you the luxury of a cruise ship, the in-depth experience of a land tour, and the convenience of unpacking and re-packing once. For many travelers, it provides a good alternative to the conventional land-only tours. River cruising allows you to explore places by land and by water, experience locations that can only be reached by ship, and enjoy taking in the scenery from the top deck when moving to a new destination under the brilliant cerulean skies.

Adventure Cruises: Enjoy the ‘Small Boat’ Cruise experience. On Adventure cruises you can see wildlife up close, visit remote locations such as, Alaska, Panama, Sea of Cortez, Costa Rica and Galapagos Islands. Adventure cruises even offer a Culinary and Wine experience through world renowned wine regions.

European River Cruises: You get to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes dotted with awesome ancient castles, unique and laidback villages, and refreshing vineyards, as well as land excursions.

Exotic River Cruises: You can experience the Nile or the Yangtzee rivers from the luxury of your River Cruise.

If you desire to experience a river cruise that makes fond memories that last a lifetime, come and leave your planning details to us and our team is more than happy to help you make the most ideal, customized travel itinerary for your next river cruising getaway.

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Lots of beautiful things and worth-remembering moments await you when you travel. Throughout our long experience of serving in the tour industry, we have helped countless of clients travel to many places in the world. And we continue to refine our process in order to deliver the best travel experience possible.

In 2017, Katy spent nearly a month in Madagascar visiting the National Parks and World Heritage sites, while learning about the lemurs. If you’d like to explore and learn more about this magnificent, wild country, she’d love to hear from you.

Whether you want to visit some of best wines in Europe or get indulged culturally with people across the Asian region, or get adventurous in the rivers and valleys of America, or visit the wilds of Madagascar and Africa, we can help you make it happen through our planning service on world adventures

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Our guided yearly Food, Wine and Cultural Adventures are more than just wine tasting, clients who want to avail of our food & wine adventure can engage with the winemakers and authentic food preparers themselves, along with their families at private events. You also get a chance to chat with locals and participate in moderate nature adventures in places included in your travel itineraries. Indeed, the food, the wine, the people, natural landscapes, and activities can make your food and wine adventure a one-of-a-kind experience you will cherish in your lifetime.

Do you have a specific wine and food region you’d like to explore? Let us know and we will customize a Food & Wine Adventure just for you.

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